Pet adoption


How many times have your children asked for a pet?  Most ask constantly- a dog, cat, fish, lizard, any number of animals.  When my children were small, no, no, no, I could not say no enough.  I felt like I was juggling so many things and the thought of adding yet another attention-needing thing to my life was overwhelming.  I did see families with animals and saw the joy and felt like maybe my children were missing out on something but I stuck to my guns.

When my youngest daughter was turning nine years old, I thought, I can do this now.  While I did not have an animal at home I have always been passionate about the care and treatment (possibly why I did not want to commit if I could not be the best for the animal).  I was determined to adopt from a shelter.  I found the most amazing four-year old Puggle, his name is Chance, what an amazingly fitting name.  Chance brought him into our lives and he was getting a second Chance at a great home life.  I fell in love instantly and even though the representative in the shelter tried to sway me from him in lieu of other canines, I was unwavering.  In a few short hours, he was ours,we had a family dog.

In the beginning he was super hyper, I assume from being in the shelter for some time, we were not even sure what he ate, I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  In time, he calmed down and became the snuggle buddy he is now and began to eat a lot (even had to be on a diet and exercise regimen for some time).  See, he was emaciated when he was surrendered or rescued, he was only 18 pounds when he should be 28-30 pounds. I believe  he didn’t know if he would have it later so he would eat everything quickly, sometimes not fully chewing.  As much as he was an adjustment for us, we were an adjustment for him.  Even adjusting to new people in the house, the occasional bite or pee pee on the leg, sorry…you know who you are.

In time, life has settled and he is an amazing companion, he even leaves his food and grazes, eats when the mood strikes him, unless it is a treat!  We have also settled in with him, even sharing the bed.  I often wonder if he remembers his past, I hope not, I hope he just enjoys his comfy life he has now.  As my daughters are growing up and do not require as much attention, he fills that desire- cuddles, walks, excitement.  Who greets you like they haven’t see you in years even when you return from being gone two minutes?  No one like Chance.

Whether your choice is to have them grow up together, add to your family when kids are older, or expand your family unit they will be an amazing addition and a part of your family just the same.

Of course my Facebook and Instagram are filled with pics of him so take a look, links in contact page.

Here is also a link to salmon oil, nice product I have added to his health routine to aid in joint and overall health.


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