Be patient…what a loaded phrase that is and one that is spoken so often.  You know what I have always struggled with in terms of patience?  The fine balance- is your patience allowing you to be passed up or is your lack of patience putting people off, personally or professionally.  In every aspect of your life you are faced with this every day.


In raising your children, patience is two-fold.  You must be patient while they are learning to feed themselves, care for themselves, and learn.  They are learning to clean up after themselves and yes, the organization crazed person I am this took a lot of patience.  They are also learning in school and the patience of a teacher is commendable.  Interesting, you are working to be patient and telling them to be patient at the same time.  They have to remember that things don’t happen overnight.  For example, in sports, they will not be able to do a back walk over on the first try, second, or even third but it will happen or hitting the ball with a bat, let’s be honest, I still struggle here but with patience and persistence, it will happen.


As a professional, how many times have you been told or told someone to be patient?  I cannot remember how many times.  With a hospitality career you are faced with this often, I could not wait to have a better schedule, more money, and more input.  I had to balance this within myself as many times I would become frustrated and ask myself what I am doing.  In the early part of my career I made several lateral moves with little incentive so that I would learn many areas with the idea that I would be more valuable later, it worked.  Running a hotel is smoother when you can relate to the challenges and operation of the team that works for you because you have done it.  I certainly never care to complete a linen inventory again!  For those entering hospitality, we as leaders need to invest the time in them and coach them along the way.  Many graduate with the idea that they will be a General Manager, an Asset Manager, or Director level position in various disciplines.  When this does not happen, they become discouraged.  This is where the patience conversation comes in and a small dose of reality that it is best to learn from the ground up and use what you have learned in school to be the best leader in the years to come.


I often chuckle once the aggravation wears off from commuting, my team and I sometimes share our stories and we laugh, I doubt we were laughing in the moment.  Whether you drive and sit in traffic, fight the crowds getting on and off of the subway trains, or some other means of getting where you need to be, you deal with various challenges.  A train commuter in NYC I am sure would describe packed trains (some you cannot even get on), delays, the scent of those around them, and a multitude of other things.  A driver would surely fill you in on road rage they have encountered or felt as well tolls, back up on bridge crossings and the like.  At the time when you need to get somewhere it is hard to be patient and kind to those around you.


I have found small ways to work on this- yoga, coloring books, going for small walks, and meditation.  I leave you with the definition- the ability to accept or tolerate delay without getting upset in aspect…patience.


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