A little jolt of family


Having moved away from my family many years ago I became independent and did not prioritize family holidays.  When I met my partner, we spent many of the holidays with his family for several reasons including proximity and his desire to be close.  Last year, while spending time with his family I had a tinge of desire to spend a big holiday with my family and he was thrilled to do so with me.


This past week we spent a few days in Florida and my family gathered.  Admittedly, making the meal in 80 degree temperatures made it tough to feel like a northern Thanksgiving but that it only took a few minutes to feel in the spirit.  Mom and dad arrived, then brother and nephew, then sister and nieces and nephews, and dogs trickled in, what a rush of happiness.  We shared a wonderful day of stories, laughter, over eating, and fellowship.  In all of the happiness I realized how important it is to spend the time with family.


So, here we are back in NYC, back to the grind and routine, just us.  Will I want to spend a holiday here alone without the big family fanfare every again?  No way.  I received a jolt of family and I am ready for the holiday season!










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