Spring, my favorite five

Spring, I can feel it in my soul, it is coming, as we await winter storm (possibly blizzard) Stella, I still know it is coming.  While it is not my favorite season of them all there are surely a few things I look forward to.  The thing I look forward to most is the new, fresh, change in our lives that lifts the spirits.  Here are the things I look forward to most.


♥Spring breezes, I love the warm but crisp breeze as it blows through my hair and through the windows, it even smells fresh somehow.  The weather peaks on some days so you can begin to feel the sun warming your skin.  Ahhh, time for a walk in the park, people watching on a bench, or a swing at the play ground.  My puggle loves this time as well because his walks are longer and trips to the park are plentiful.  Become a tourist in your own town, see something you have heard about or have wanted to visit but haven’t, botanical gardens are always a great choice.  The days are getting longer and the moods are getting better, more time is spent outside.


Adobe Spark (15)♥Blooming bulbs, the signs of renewal, refresh, new beginnings.  The vibrant green protruding from the ground that will give way to beautiful blossoms- tulips, lilies, oh so pretty.  Fresh cut to brighten the home and add a lovely aroma to the air.  Mindful of the allergens though, I tend to suffer through to enjoy the decoration and scent.


♥Social engagements, brunch, yummy brunch, the menus change from bloody mary to bellini and we move from inside by the fire to the sidewalk cafe to take it all in.  Wonderful time for catching up and reconnecting.  The start of wedding and confirmation season, the most momentous times.


♥Clothing, shed that heavy winter coat and style your dresses with light scarves and light jackets, and sweaters in sweet pastels.  Put away the cuddly wear- wool scarves, flannel pajamas, gloves, let them go, maybe donate a few items to your local charity second-hand store.  Pastels and floral prints always do the trick for me to snap me out of winter.


♥Cleaning, yes, cleaning, lightening your home and letting the sunshine in.  As much as some dread cleaning, it is therapeutic, clean your windows from all of the winter remnants.  Clean out your refrigerator add fresh season fruits and vegetables.  Clean out your closet and rotate your seasonal items.  Take advantage of great clearance sales at this time of the year to replace your linens.  Once you are done and look around to see your work, take a deep breath and breathe it all in.


Welcome spring!


Chance sun.jpg

Spring video on post

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