the 5 reasons you ladies should never ignore baseball

Baseball… the great American past time although it is quite the international game now, this was never more apparent than the popularity of the recent World Baseball Classic tournament a month ago.  My household was really excited for Opening Day last weekend and found ourselves glued to the TV for two of the three games.  We are also headed to a home opener this week, have not missed a home opener of a team now in about ten years.  We love baseball, it is a game of strategy and statistics combined with physical and mental ability.  Despite the criticisms of some of the game- it is boring, takes too long, it is cold outside, it is hot outside there are a few reasons we ladies should take it all in.

1. Enjoy the outdoors- yes, there a few chilly nights but then the amazing spring days and summer nights provide wonderful enjoyment.

2. Spend time with your kids– there is no child I have ever known that does not love to go to the ballpark.  I used to laugh when one of my daughters was younger that she treated it as dinner and a show.   The parks offer great deals for families at all MLB parks, minor league, and even college teams (who really appreciate the support).  There are also some great history lessons to be taught.

3.  It’s a great social time- whether you are catching up with someone or need sometime away from kids or just want to have fun, this is a great option.  The parks have come a long way in their offerings, this could even qualify as a date night.  Ball park food from a brat to sushi in some cases is super tasty and paired with almost any beverage- craft beers to margaritas, you are sure to have a great time.

4.  Teaching young ladies- softball anyone?  Seeing the plays in practice makes it all click when they are on the field of play.  I recently learned how to keep score, amazing way to learn the game.

5.  Strategy– it is not just hitting a ball with a bat.  There is so much strategy in the game of baseball, the game within the game- from ball counts to shifts to player movement, there is so much.  These are skills you take into your everyday life, find the ways to just get things done.   Men learn this from a very early age, why can’t we.

When I first met my partner and in small talk, I said  “I love baseball”, he huffed it off like oh yea, all “girls” say that.  He quickly learned I knew my stuff (we can dig into other sports later), although he is the one that taught me to keep score!  I certainly will not make this post about gender equality, but I can tell you I am on and even playing field on this subject.  Take a swing at it!

4 thoughts on “the 5 reasons you ladies should never ignore baseball

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  1. Baseball was the first sport I got into as a kid. I played softball and could rattle off all the stats of the 1996 Atlanta Braves players (Go Braves!) I haven’t kept up as much with baseball recently, but nowadays a Durham Bulls game is a great option for a low-stress evening with friends who have kids! 🙂

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  2. i’ve never ignored baseball and love being at the ballpark (go brewers)…a good game is like a chess match when you recognize strategy…i will however sometimes judge and ignore my female friends that don’t appreciate the game. kidding (sort of)!!!

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