Recap of Easter, now that I don’t have little ones


The holidays have changed for me in recent years with having only one daughter at home and she is in high school.  I remember the days when Easter baskets were a huge deal in the morning and an egg hunt after church.  We only did one of those three this year.  I began to think of how I will deal when I become a true “empty nester”, it will probably look similar to this past holiday.  I will recap a semi empty nesters Easter holiday as she adjusts to the change.


The day began with a leisurely run along the East River at my favorite park and it happens to be the closest to our home, East River Promenade / Carl Schurz Park.  This park is lovely all the time but especially pretty in the mornings.


We are Catholic and although we did not attend all portions of the Triduum this year it was important that we celebrate mass with all of its fare.  We got ready in our Sunday best outfit for the warm weather we had and waited in line to enter at the church.  In usual fashion it was lovely.


The we headed to brunch in the neighborhood at Atlantic Grill with a friend.  Super busy as expected but amazing to spend the time together to laugh and catch up.   We even left with a treat for later from our friend.


While I miss having the entire family together it is still a day of renewal, family, and emotion.  Our traditions have changed and I am sure they will continue to change over the years.  I look forward to Easter each year for so many reasons, but most of all the feeling of new and refreshed.



2 thoughts on “Recap of Easter, now that I don’t have little ones

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  1. We are not far behind you. Our oldest graduates from HS this year and our youngest is in 7th grade. My wife still did the Easter baskets for the kids but we went out to brunch instead of cooking at home, as I usually do. The brother-n-law’s family was on vacation. It was much different than in years past but also not bad in a new way. Life moves on and the joy is to find new ways to celebrate and not dwell on what was, but remember those times with fondness.

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    1. Thanks so much, the last couple of years has been such an adjustment for us. We have just learned to approach things in a different way and spend time differently. I agree with you, not bad at all, we are making it! We always speak about the children adjusting but I think the struggle is tougher for the parents! Thanks for the feedback.

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