Gardens NYC, from the other side

There is a very special place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and it is called Gardens NYC.  While it is not in the top hotels of the world it does not make it any less than those that are or maybe it makes it better, still an untouched, tranquil, private location.  You can read how special this hotel is by the feedback of guests online, however, you have not likely heard about it from the team member side.


Gardens NYC is a hoteliers dream, see I have been in the business for twenty plus years and have had the pleasure of working in some amazing places but none like this.  I happen to be the General Manager.  While I will not likely be the GM of this hotel forever (we hotel people move around) this place will always be special, every past member of this team says the same.  Please indulge me while I share my Gardens NYC experience with you.


Gardens NYC in a residential style hotel comprised of 132 suites with outdoor spaces, yes patios and terraces in NYC!  The Gardens was the first hotel ever for the Denihan family and is still owned by the same family today.  The hotel is the location of the dry cleaning business started by Mr. Denihan and a location where is children who run the company today had their first jobs.


While we do not have all of the amenities of some hotels, the size and layout will win you over but you will be blown away with the service of the team.  See, the Gardens has a longer length of stay guest allowing us to get to know everyone and guests that have been coming back to the hotel over and over again for years.    When I first started at the Gardens, a few even told me that I was new when I was standing in the lobby, at the time they probably knew more about the building than I did!  We take care of guests for various reasons, a place to stay while renovating their home, recovering from a medical procedure, enduring treatment of some kind, or just an extended stay enjoying the city.  We have a few residents, some lovely ladies, two resident dogs (Cleo and Puck), and even Misha our very own resident cat (she keeps the mice away).


I say it is a hoteliers dream because the nature of the building allows a work-life balance we all dream of.  As hospitality professionals, typically you choose this business because you enjoy taking care of people.  There is no better place that provides an environment to really take care of people and this team just gets it.  We have coffee and tea in the mornings with our guests that just want to socialize or get ready for a day out and about.  We share a glass of wine in our lobby in the evening just to chat and wind down from the day.  The personal touches are everywhere.  The guests of the Gardens just allow you to take care of them, get to know them, and it is personal.  We get to know families and watch kids grow, we help those getting around when they need help, sometimes we have the occasional scare when treatment is not going so well, it is personal.  We are not glamorous but neither is our guest.  We are not fast-paced but neither is out guest.  We are not in the hustle and bustle of the city but neither us or our guests want that.  We draw in our guests and they draw us in.


This truly is a special place.

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