stress triggers

I have read many posts on how to deal with stress and ways to avoid stress.  I am very thankful to the authors as these posts have helped me in many cases to deal with and avoid some stress all together.  For me, the difficulty has been stress triggers, identify them, and seeing when the anxiety is starting to take over.  The triggers over time have changed and at times are difficult to recognize, I share a few that affect my family in this post.


Time- Sometimes we do not have enough and other times we have too much, but we never have either of those in the same period or instance.  With many commitments (next point), I switch on “get it done” mode and forget to take care of me.


Juggling commitments–  Work, school, and each other.  We fill our lives to enrich them but how many times do we over-commit.  Hand raised.  I do!   Saying no just isn’t in the cards for me as many times as I have tried.  Wonder Woman complex all the way!  As a full-time career hospitality professional and mom, partner, dog mom all that, I think I can head out early from work to make it to a softball game, walk the dog, and still make it home to cook dinner.  Guess what, many times, I do, I feel so accomplished.  Then I lay down and the stress kicks in because I forgot something or I have a similar day to come.  This turns in to having a hard time falling asleep, lack of sleep makes it harder to get through.


Money–  I am not even sure where to really begin with this one.  When I was alone, I never had enough.  Now, I share my finances, still do not have enough, but now I am held accountable for my finances, no hiding.  Money stress is up there in my mind with some of the toughest stress- household expense, school expense, ensuring you are set for retirement.  I am stressed just typing this!


Health– When my children were younger I had stress about then getting sick and taking care of them.  This one is a classic morph over time stress.  Now that I am older, if I go to the doctor for something that just isn’t right, I stress over test results or the potential treatment.  Stress over eating right to stay healthy, stress over exercising to maintain a healthy weight.


I have evolved over the years so that I recognize the triggers and when I begin to feel overwhelmed.  I have also improved in my dealing with stress which I attribute to wonderful online support, education, and others sharing their stress stories and tips on dealing with it all.  This is one of the greatest things I have gained from the blogging space!   Bloglovin” has some great posts here.


The most important things I personally need to remember in times of stress is to take a step back, breathe, and break it down.  The hardest thing is for me to see through the weeds, most anything can be addressed my breaking it down and attacking each issue.  I know I am my best when I take care of me.


How do you recognize the triggers and begin to attack the anxiety?  Would love to see you share in the comments.



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  1. I get it. Just being a human being can be enough. My new blog as amped up my anxiety so much. Thank you for sharing your tips

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  2. For me it’s people’s reactionary behavior when they interact with a situation. It’s easy for me to act on it maybe for the sake of sympathy or expected of me to solve the problem when really it’s just not healthy to do. Generally, for me I should just leave it alone because it’s not my fault.

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