Goals- how are you looking?

Have you completed your mid-year check-in? Have you planned your mid-year check-in? If not, you really should, now is the time. Realistically this should be your big check on yourself, you should have completed a smaller quarterly check in prior. Why should you do this, why do you need to check in, why is it even necessary? Looking back on some past posts we explore setting goals and how it is ongoing it is not just a one-time event, and something you never look back on.

Goal setting- it’s not an annual work event!

Is the review necessary?

why vision boards are the best thing since sliced bread

Take the time to review the goals you set forth in the beginning of the year. Where do you stand? How do you measure up to what you set out to do? Be realistic here, pull some real numbers to apply, if you set SMART or SMARTER goals it won’t be tough to see what is happening now and tied it back. In the start of the year, I set three types of goals- professional, happy (side gig), and personal. Since then, life has happened. Once you have reviewed your goals along your progress it is time to re-assess. Is this time that you need to set loftier goals because you achieved them? Bravo if you have! Lesson learned for next year, don’t short change yourself, look further, push harder! On the other hand, if you have not achieved your goals, there is nothing wrong with making a some changes at this juncture. Don’t change your goal! Change the strategy that you believe will help you get to this goal, this is where the adjustment comes in. Take the time as well to examine the tactics to support your strategy to achieve your goal.

I am planner as I am sure you may have derived from reading many of my posts but you don’t have to be a planner to set goals and keep track of them. Goal tracking also does not have to be time consuming and painful. Take a look periodically, see if you are on track. Do yourself a favor however, at the midpoint, wherever that is along your journey to your short term or long term goals, check in with yourself, take the time for this important step. Would you invest in something and never check on it? No, me neither, so why not check in on the investment you made in yourself and your progress. Believe me, this helps to keep your eye on the prize and what you may need to adjust to get there.

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  1. I agree. Goal setting is so important, but checking on them is just as important. Making adjustments as needed and really analyzing is great.

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  2. I am starting a vision board myself. I had one on Pinterest, but I get distracted on that! (too much food) So I setting about doing on old fashion on poster board and magazines! It good to have clearly defined goals!

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  3. Goals are important, though I never seem to set them. I just have to do’s on my list that need to get done. This January I started writing down my goals, but after about two weeks I forgot about that and got back to my to do list. I still need to get back to setting goals, as I am switching jobs and am giving my life a big makeover.

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