Composure- reducing pet anxiety

As you all can see from following my posts, I love Chance, my 10-year-old Puggle, he is truly my fur baby.  In the last few years however, he suffers from heightened anxiety.  He has always had a trouble with thunderstorms, fireworks in the summer, and car travel however, of recent, other events are affecting him.  He loves to enjoy outdoors and go everywhere with me, thank goodness we are in a very pet-friendly city, NYC, he can.  I don’t want to risk any harm to him from the heightened stress or if we would run to get away from the stresses.  Did you know that more dogs get lost in the summer months than another time of the year?  I would never want my Chance to run looking for a safe haven, I want to continue to be the safe place for him.

In a recent veterinary visit, our vet explained that even though we only see the panting and pacing, his heart is racing and we need to help him deal with the stresses.  Rather than trying prescription options, we wanted to see what else is out there.  We found Composure from Vetriscience Labratories, calming supplements to support calm behavior during environmental stressors.  Chance has taken them and he has not been drowsy or appeared impaired in any way.  This is a safe and innovative way to ease his anxiety.  We are even trying them out on our house visitor, Nugget, he likes them just like Chance.


The products are easy to find on online sites like Amazon and Chewy  or in pet supply retailers like Petco, Pet Quarters, and Nature’s Pet Planet.  You can also go to to locate a the best place for you to purchase.


Take good care of your sidekick, best friend, or whatever you call your fur baby so they can keep providing you with comfort.


**this is a sponsored post**


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  1. He’s so precious. My husky has anxiety too, and it is expressed by pacing and destroying things. I am so glad you found something that is helping. i will need to look in to it.


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