Difference In Traveling With Kids, How It Has Changed For Us

While I was traveling recently, I had a complete realization how travel has changed for me and my family over the years. I was sitting in a café chatting just thinking how different it was and I would not have had such an experience when my daughters were younger and I suppose the same is true for many families.

When my daughters were younger our trips centered around their entertainment, once they were entertained they would be tired later and mom could get a break. At the end of the vacation at times I would feel like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Quite frankly making them happy on vacation made me happy, no drama. Yes, in theory you can tell your kids how to behave and what to like but that is not reality and any parent that tells me they successfully do this is either not truthful or they have special magic and we need some. Our trips back then were amusement parks (yes, Disney, it is only now, many years later I can step foot), beaches, pools, and activity centric parks trips. I remember the shift when they began entertaining themselves some and I could sit out a get a tan, amazing.

Now that my daughters are older travel has changed, while we still enjoy the beach resort trip, our trips now are centered around cities, history, arts, culture, and distinct dining experiences. I love that we can share these experiences and look back on the other trips and chuckle or look at old photos to reminisce. Let’s be real, anyone can choose to dine in any restaurant, it is their choice, but are you really enjoying it? Are you soaking in the experience? At the risk of offending some, how are you affecting the experience of those around you. As a parent, I think you should be realistic about your life for some time and embrace the interests and the things that excite all, or at least partially excite. While an amusement part may not excite you, see your child so happy may and that is your fulfillment.

Understand the differences in the onset to better handle when faced. As adults, don’t get upset because your child is not enjoying a high-end sushi experience, why would they? The key is understanding the differences and accepting. I believe is exposing your children to culture, arts, and life experiences, but I also believe it allowing them to be kids and engage in a unique way.



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  1. What an interesting post. I also blog about traveling with the kids and have a different take on it. We have taken the on OUR vacations and I use my background to find something interesting to teach them about it to keep them engaged. It takes a lot of work for that prep but so worth it to keep from going to Chuck E Cheese type places exclusively! Always happy to meet up with other traveling families!

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    1. Thanks for the note! We did a lot of beach resorts and amusement parks and wish, looking back, we would have explored international travel some like you noted. I will check out your blog, thanks for the connection.


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