Welcome Autumn!

It’s fall y’all!  This is my absolute favorite season here are some reasons why I am changing out my closet and getting ready to enjoy all it has to offer.

Sweater weather & quality time.  I love sweater weather.  There is just something about the crisp cool mornings or evenings where you just need to pull your sweater around a little tighter.  A sweater provides a level of comfort and warmth beyond the physical.  No matter your religion or beliefs, autumn is a time of many holidays and gatherings, it just feels like you spend more time with friends and family.  While summers are for brunch, autumn is for a steak dinner with a hearty red wine.

Apple picking and pumpkin patches.  I do not know anyone young or old that does not enjoy apple picking, and who can resist a fresh apple cider donut, I certainly cannot.  A few hours in the orchard, petting the farm animals, and picking out a pumpkin allows us a nice break from the city and some time to enjoy each other.  We rarely eat apples other times of the year because I admittedly make my family tired of them and get creative with ways to use them.  Still, would not give up this tradition.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.  I read an article this week that stated there a psychological reason we love it so much.  The smell and taste remind us of times with family.  The article actually went on to talk about the sugar content and how we get addicted but let’s focus on the feeling and enjoyment for now.  A pumpkin latte is great but pumpkin spice candles, sugar cookie scented, along with amber make my home oh so inviting.

Baseball playoffs and football.  As you have seen in several posts we are big sports fans, this is for me the best sports season- playoff baseball and football.  We are partial to college football but won’t miss a good NFL game as well.  The excitement of rooting for your team while spending time with friends and family is a recipe for fun.  Not to mention game day food, don’t get me started!

Catch you later, heading out for a walk with my dog in a nice weather with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand.




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