4 Days In U.S.V.I – Our Girl Trip

Now that my daughters are older, I wanted to plan a trip for just us, a getaway that combined the things that all of us enjoy. I settled after some research on the US Virgin Islands- St. Thomas and St. John to be specific. As I have noted in previous posts, we travel when others don’t typically so we can make travel not to expensive and enjoy more, we traveled over the 4th of July holiday, flying when others were barbecuing and watching fireworks. The resort I chose had an all-inclusive option however, I did not opt in to that part. While I enjoy all-inclusive for some trips, I don’t on all as it forces you to get out and explore to find dining options, taking tips from locals.

On day one, we just relaxed and decompressed from our hectic lives. The resort offered a relaxing atmosphere in the pool and beach area, perfect for soaking in the sun. We had lunch at the pool while the iguana seemingly begged for food like our dog. This is also the day that my 19-year-old daughter realized she could drink adult beverages on her own and it was legal! Amusing sight and surprisingly, no over-indulgence. We also enjoyed the bar with a DJ and karaoke at night along with a great show poolside. The weather cooperated and could not have been better.

Day two we ventured to St. John on the ferry, very economical way to get there and simple. We went on the first morning ferry and had breakfast on the beach by the dock. After breakfast we set off on a hike that provided breathtaking views of the outlying islands. Our hike left us off at honeymoon beach. I don’t have any words to adequately describe this place, no picture can do it justice, it just a must see. The heat and tired legs from hiking were all forgotten and so worth it to enjoy this little slice of amazing. After a few hours there we hopped a taxi/shuttle (truck with open seats in the back) and headed to Trunk Bay. Trunk Bay is one of the most photographed locations in the world but nothing is like seeing it with your own eyes. We had lunch and our french fries were attacked and gobbled up by birds which provided hearty laughter. Later that evening we took the ferry back to St. Thomas.

Day three we went parasailing and really did not do much more. We tried to shop some in Charlotte Amerlie however, just a note, if cruise ships are not in port, most stores do not open. We did though explore, eat, and find a great place for inexpensive cute bathing suits. We seem to always be able to find something to buy. Day four started early with a sailing trip to Buck Island, we swam with and visited sea turtles, a full day of snorkeling and sailing. Highly recommend this if you find yourself in U.S.V.I. Day five was our last day and we just spent it relaxing at the resort.

I look back on this trip and realize we did quite a bit but not too much so that we could not take the time to soak it all in and really enjoy ourselves. The amount of time we spent there was long enough, just right. The best thing about the entire trip was just spending time with my girls, priceless.

With the recent devastation from the storms, they need tourism even more, well worth the trip.

Safe travels…


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