Customer Service- what is it now?

Warning- rant post

I see customer service from both sides, all day, every day. At what point did the business of taking care of customers shift to the mindset that everyone just wants something. Individuals do, I promise you, still encounter valid issues. There is a small percentage that are fabricating or amplifying issues to get something, BUT not everyone is. I say this generally and whole heartedly to both sides- my colleagues as well as those servicing my needs. We are missing the ability in any situation to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we do not empathize, we just want to deal with it and move on. I get hotel and airline employees, I get it, you are overwhelmed and some situations are out of your control, but why can’t you be genuine? Agree the situation is shitty and work to make it right, if you do, it will be right. Once you blow someone off or don’t deal with it, it will become ten times harder and the costs involved are tenfold.

When I was beginning in this industry, I was trained always to listen. I know company after company after company trains their staff on this at nausea but let me tell you, very few listen. So many are looking to just provide you their scripted answer to get rid of you that they provide an answer that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Airlines- I know- air traffic delays and weather are out of your control- so are they in my control? I am the one being affected and while it is out of control is it against your policy to apologize or put yourself in my shoes? Hotels- there are mice and water problems, and any list of issues but is it my fault? I know it is not your personal fault it is happening but you chose (you interviewed heavily to get the job) to be a representative and that you are. Why am I able to diffuse a situation? I listen. I really listen to what is being said. I am honest. I am genuine. I truly in all that I am work to make it right for a person because I think to myself how crappy it would be to be in the same situation.

Scripts are guidelines, not policy, and we should be hiring people who are of the right frame of mind to answer accordingly. What is wrong with that? I am quite frankly tired of it and I refuse it accept it any longer.

We as an industry trained customers to want things in return for addressing the issue, so now that we are all here we are training customers to accept that anything more than shit service is good service. No, it is not. I get it person answering my call, I get it person dealing with me at the counter- you have had a dreadful day, and I am not taking it out on you because I am actually sympathetic to your role so why do you feel it is ok to take it out on me? I really would like to know. Why is it that someone who complains is a pain, evil, an expletive? How would you feel customer service person? You chose this job or career just like I did. I genuinely enjoying seeing people and caring for them, do you? If you are unsure or your answer is no, or your answer is sometimes, find another career path. This is not for you and those you have been taking care of don’t deserve the terrible treatment either.



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One thought on “Customer Service- what is it now?

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  1. If you have a problem and can do something about it, why worry. If you have a problem and can’t do something about it, why worry?
    Take a deep breath and carry on.
    Keep listening to your customers. You are doing a good job.


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