Callin’ Baton Rouge- The Countless Reasons to Visit

What an infectious place Baton Rouge, Louisiana…this city is the epitome of southern hospitality. How did I come to have an affinity for BTR? My daughter. When we were on the college search originally Louisiana State University was not on our radar. While wandering around an overwhelming college fair a gentleman in a purple and gold outfit spoke with my daughter and I feel like the decision was made from that point even before we saw the campus. Once we took the trip and toured, it was all over from there, no other school was considered.

I worried about her being so far away but the city has embraced us as much as we have embraced it. Aside from visits to my daughter, I enjoy it, it has grown on me. See, life is so different than what we are used to being from New York. I love to see the magnolia trees and stately oaks as well as eat, eat, and eat some more. As in any city there are many places so I won’t try to list however a trip is not complete with a bite at Chimes for some fried food and sweet tea. Some of the favorites include Abita beer and root beer, jambalaya, kolache, and a scrumptious shrimp po boy, oh my! My daughters are also known for a ride or two in the mud on occasion, not even sure what to say about that.

I also love how the city has embraced the sports teams for LSU, quite frankly the teams are amazing so it may not be very hard to support. I was able to attend a baseball game at Alex Box this past season and it was amazing. There is however, nothing like a Saturday at Tiger Stadium…100,000 plus donned in purple and gold cheering on their beloved Tigers…GEAUX! Tailgating is an art form and it makes way for a great Louisiana Saturday night (insert song).

We have had the pleasure of exploring the capital and history, we were even treated to a special private tour all the way to the top with a staff member and left our mark. We have run along the lakes, crossed the Mississippi, said y’all, and sampled all the bayou has to offer. Festivals, marathons, concerts, muddin’, or just sitting on the porch, you will always have a lovely time and you will soon be Callin’ Baton Rouge(insert song) yourself.

LSU game.jpg


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  1. This is such a wonderful testament for Baton Rouge! We love this city so much and we are so happy that our southern hospitality has had such an impact on your family. We hope your daughter is loving LSU! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you when you are away or here. Cheers and Geaux Tigers! – Christy @ Visit Baton Rouge >>

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