Obsession Worthy Hummus To Help You Stay On Track

I have a health goal this year as noted in a previous post, that goal is not to be skinny, lose a ton of weight, but rather add consistent exercise back in my life and consume better things.  I attended an event in the latter part of 2017 and one of the sponsors of a breakout session was Lantana Hummus, I fell in love and have been buying every week since.  While I would love to tell you this is a sponsored post, it is not, I just really believe it is a great option, see details on their site by clicking here.

Hummus is not just for dipping veggies or my favorite, pita slices there are several other ways to use it as a lower calorie healthier alternative to some condiments.  Here are a few ways we are using humus to keep ourselves on track with good eating.

  • My family’s favorite way is to use it for flatbread pizzas.  Rather than using tomato sauce I substitute hummus.  Pictured here you see black bean hummus with egg as well as edamame hummus with chicken and peppers.  I like to top it with a little shaved Parmesan for an extra treat.
  • Wraps- sliced turkey with 3 pepper hummus and lettuce is a fantastic lunch
  • Salads
    • Beet hummus combined with your favorite lettuce and veggies, no need for dressing
    • Any hummus in your favorite pasta salad is a treat rather then using mayonnaise or oil
  • Meatballs- mix in the hummus flavor of your choice with your ground beef, turkey, or chicken for a little extra falvor

So many uses for a super tasty and easy way to add flavor to a meal, top a dish, or just dip for a snack.  Comment below for the ways you use hummus, would love to hear and try!



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