6 Things Friends Need To Know When One Has Kids

As you have read from me before, I had my daughters at a younger age.  Others my same age were partying, traveling, and continuing education while I was tending to my daughters.  This was my choice and I would not trade it for the world, especially now that I am in my early forties and essentially done.  The idea for this post came up as several of my friends in their thirties and early forties are now having children.  I have seen them feel guilty because they have commitments and cannot commit to certain engagements.  So, here you go, these are the things I wanted my friends to know when I couldn’t hang out and these are the things I understand about you now.

  1. We are still friends, no doubt
  2. Will be there to support in any possible, both ways
  3. Understand you both have different priorities right now, no big deal
  4. Need a break sometimes and still love a good cocktail
  5. Have moments of mild envy
  6. Loves you very much, maybe even more now

See, just because one friend has kids doesn’t mean you are not friends anymore, things just change some and the flow of life shifts.  Friends are the support system and the much needed reprieve from the routines and every day life that bog us down sometimes.  Remember in all of this to be honest with each other and do not make the other feel guilty for the choices they have made to have, not have, have young, or have their families older.

Send your friend a message, be patient for the answer, and share a bottle wine, you both may need it.






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