8 tips for your morning on the go, get your day off to a good start

Often, I chat with people throughout the day and chronicle my mornings, for as long as I remember, I get a baffled look from them. This baffled look is invariably followed by wow, you have a full day before you come to work. Being a mother that has held a full-time career outside of the home, my morning routine has been what has kept our house functioning. I find that having a productive morning routine just makes the rest of the day smooth. I need to get a good start, I feel like if I start behind, I will likely end my day behind. Staying focused early and not getting distracted or side-tracked leads to a productive afternoon and smooth evening.

You say, ok Julie, all that sounds good but how do you do it? Here are my tips for a good start to the day and managing your mornings on the go.

1- Get an early start, if you need to be somewhere by 9 AM, your day should start around 6AM. Allowing this amount of time keeps you from rushing and keep a steady pace. This also allows enough time for you to wake up, it takes me some time and trying to get things done while groggy does not make for a nice Julie.
2- Exercise in the morning, this gets it out-of-the-way, done, checked off, a sense of accomplishment right away. Working out in the morning has proven to make you more productive throughout the day and if you are anything like me, if you hold it for the end of the day, I will find every excuse why I can’t do it.
3- Get the water going for your coffee or your juicer going, allow it to work while you move on to the next thing, you will circle back when it is ready and keep your waiting time productive.
4- Take out everything you prepared for breakfast and lunch the night before; meal prep is key. Sundays I prep the big stuff for the week and the night before I take the time to gather the items for the next day.
5- This is when I ensure everyone is on their own track for the day. Now that my daughters are older I don’t have to monitor them in the mornings but still make sure they are up and moving, I have substituted feeding the dog at this time since he joined our family.
6- Now, I pack my bag and what ever anyone needs to grab on the way out of the door and place it on the table, they have no excuses this way.
7- I get ready- shower, hair, dressed, all of it (of course while listening to the news, multitasking is key).
8- Now, this is the time where I walk Chance, our Puggle that joined our family a few years ago. When my girls were young this was the time we argued over socks, shoes, hair brushing, brushing teeth, all of it, but somehow, everyday we would get it done.
Whew, and now, we are off, on the way to school and work. I have found over the years that the morning routine is key to the household success throughout the day and week. I learned early on to just get it done or move on. Sure, there were bumps in the road along the way- the occasional tantrum, waking up late, or any such disruption to the norm, these things, deal with it and keep it moving. I save teachable moments for when I can truly focus on them and dedicate the time and make it more meaningful.


I consult, if you are struggling, reach out to me, I can help to get you started on a routine that has easy to follow steps to get you in a routine that works for you, reach out, I am happy to help!






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