A Work In Progress

Do you ever actually feel like you have “made it”?

Do you? I have moments when I am proud of my progress, whether it be on a project or a point in my life. I do however, always think how it could be better or how I want more. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?  Does it mean I am not happy with what I have?

I know I have an overachiever personality and it has become more evident as I have watched my children progress though life. I have one that thinks she is failing at “adulting” and college every time she has a bad class. I have another one that has a game
where she is impressive defensively but doesn’t hit and thinks she has not business playing softball despite her coach and multiple umpires saying what an incredible short stop she is. I realize in these moments I have done a disservice to my children
by pushing them and not accepting status quo. But have I really? At what point do you work to be more or just accept what you have?

Full disclosure, I have a full life, one I am very happy with. I have amazing daughters and I have the best partner anyone can ask for- he is supportive and encouraging and my children think I am a rock star. That said, why don’t I just stop where I am, why want more? My question is- why not? I have always looked on life as I am a work on progress, I am never finished. As a mother, is my work ever done? As a hotelier, is my work ever done? I can safely saye the answer to both of those questions is no.

I once thought there was some flaw in my personality because I was never satisfied with the norm. As I have grown as a person, I realize, there is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with wanting more. You are not greedy, there is nothing wrong
with being that person that always challenges the norm. Are you always the most popular? No. Do you sometimes challenge in a way that does not fit the “culture” of an organization? Maybe. BUT… that big word BUT, you are of value of the “right” organization.  What you have to offer may surpass where you are currently, it is not a bad thing…promise.

The words I write come from many years of questioning myself and how I fit. I have realized over time, change is a wonderful thing.  Change brings new challenges and ways for you to prove yourself.  Change also brings a way for your voice and personality to
shine. You are who you are, embrace it.

I realized some time ago, after much beating myself up and soul-searching that I am a work in progress. What I am today is not what I was 15 years ago and is not what I will be in 10 more years. We evolve as individuals and while our core remains the same,
everything around us changes and we need to adapt. I realize the best and most successful people I have ever know have realized they do not know everything. They are the most humble individuals. These people are able to admit their faults, adapt, and
sometimes, just sometimes, make fun of themselves.

I have learned not to take myself too seriously, why? Why not? I make stupid mistakes, I make a fool of myself, I don’t always know the best approach or attack. This is why I surround myself with amazing people who can call me out on my b******t and offer
alternatives that are way better than I thought and in the end, we all look like rock stars.

Ultimately, my message here is, we are all a work on progress. When recruiting from college for an entry-level hotel role, don’t expect them to have the knowledge you have. Relax, remember where you came from. You were in their shoes once too.

I don’t know about you but I still see myself as a work in progress. I look upon my past as a way to invent my future self.  Never finished.

What do you do with your reflections on you past?  Comment below, would love your thoughts.


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