Mid Year Goal Check In

Well, it’s that time of year, the time when you check in to your goals and see what progress you have made and if you need to make some adjustments.  I stated my 2018 goals at the beginning of the year in a declaration post.  As I have written in the past, I believe it is important to keep your goals in sight and work toward them constantly.  On your check in as I will do on mine, if you are not achieving your goals, do not scrap them or change them.  Rather, keep your goals as they are and shift your tactics.  With that said, be realistic, if you bit off more than you can chew and you set all stretch goals, this may be a good time to make a few modifications.


Here we go, my accountability to my goals check in:

  • Goal #1In 2018 I want to get back to running, I declare to run 3 times per week and complete 9 local running events throughout the year.  This is a physical and mental health goal for me.
    • Update:  I am happy to say I am right on track and target with this goal.  I have consistently run a minimum of three times per week and some weeks getting to five.  I have, of this writing, completed six local races, even pushing to complete a half marathon.  Am I at the speed or weight I would like to be at?  No, however, I have stuck with this, I am seeing progress, and feeling better.
  • Goal #2I will accept what I have and be happy.  I always want more, not greedy want more, I just want to be more and have more, this is not focused on goods like clothes, shoes, or just things, this is more focusing on nurturing relationships and improving on what I gained in 2017.  This is the toughest goal as this is only measurable by feeling and I am driven by measure so a stretch goal for sure.
    • Update:  I feel pretty good on this, better than I anticipated at the start of the year.  I do find myself less stressed about things and have made a concerted effort to work on relationships.
  • Goal #3In 2018, I will expand on my personal development.  I have grown my career in the hotel business over the last many years.  In 2016 I started a blog and worked to grow  in 2017, this year, I plan to launch something of my own.  Through my blog, you will join me on this journey of discovery and hopefully see me in person via small events or organizational assistance.
    • Update:  Here is the struggle.  I actually though this would be the easiest of them and I have just not been able to get to this or maybe I lack inspiration, not sure.  Time to get something going, new idea!  Maybe I will start a newsletter to just get the ball rolling on this.  More to come!


I find this practice healthy, to check in, to also publicly declare it as a way to hold myself accountable.  Here’s to achieving goals and always moving forward!  Can’t share more progress.


I would really like to hear from you, please comment below.  How do you declare your goals?  How are you doing so far?  Tips are welcome also!

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