I realized I am already a Badass

A month ago while walking around the city I entered into a bookstore and gave in to the hype and purchased the book You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.  I read the book, it was a struggle.  The book is not a long read but I just did not connect, at all, and I wondered why I decided to read it.  Upon reflection, I think I decided to read it because I could not scroll through any social feel and not see something about it.  I wanted to understand all of the buzz.


I don’t typically go for self-help reads but I thought it must be great if so many people are raving about it.  This book is not a guide rather an attempt at being funny and simplifying sometimes complex situations and nothing was original thought.  I went into it thinking I would get something new or a tip to get me out of a small funk rather I was disappointed and felt like I was getting a pep talk from my daughters’ high school guidance counselor.  Bottom line is I did not enjoy any part of it and I finished it because I started it and can’t leave anything unfinished.  I decided maybe I did not enjoy because I did not need it, I am already a badass!


I am happy that some really enjoyed it and as stated in some reviews it changed their lives, it was a message they needed to receive.  Seeing that some need it, I have paid it forward and passed it along to be read by another.  Perhaps that person will have a better view and will pass it on as well and it will make its way into the hands of someone who needs it.  I believe in positive thinking however, you need more than positive thinking to achieve results.  Yes, you need to  believe it will happen but sometimes individuals need guidance in the processes to turn their wants and dreams into reality.








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