The journey of Julie is an all-encompassing collection of my thoughts and experiences over the years. I have opinions on most everything and I am not an expert at anything other than being Julie, that I do very well. I am a mom to beautiful daughters and I am also a dog mom. I have the most supportive partner to share my life. I believe everyone is inherently good and most need just a small push to realize their potential. In all aspects of my life slow, relentless pressure is how I achieve goals and how I influence those around me to achieve theirs.

I have a successful career in hospitality running a hotel and enjoy mentoring young professionals and challenging those around me to reach their potential. I work to be my best by helping those around me be their best. We have lived in Florida, Illinois, and New York- having my daughters grow up in Urban environments presented its challenges of course but also presented some of the greatest opportunities. Exposure all walks of life they are well-rounded cultural individuals. I have more years than I want to mention of experience in hotel and resort operations. I have also been fortunate enough to travel to many destinations, this is one of my favorite things. I also try my best to live a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercise (although I admit the occasional cheat).

Thank you for visiting my site and sharing in my journey.

While I pull on many experiences, the thoughts expressed here are solely my own.


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  1. Hey, Julie!

    You have a lovely blog indeed!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts and your opinion on various destinations!
    Bookmarked your blog!
    You can contact me anytime if you want to collaborate!

    Cheers to you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

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