Arctic Zero, Frozen Dessert

I am all about finding things that taste good and don't make me feel so guilty when I am trying to satisfy my sweet cravings!  Before trying Arctic Zero myself I heard and read mixed reviews but I am glad I tried it for myself, I really enjoy  this frozen desert.  I purchased the peanut... Continue Reading →

Obsession Worthy Hummus To Help You Stay On Track

I have a health goal this year as noted in a previous post, that goal is not to be skinny, lose a ton of weight, but rather add consistent exercise back in my life and consume better things.  I attended an event in the latter part of 2017 and one of the sponsors of a... Continue Reading →

My Winter 2017 Favorites

I feel like I just wrote about welcoming Autumn  and now I am writing about winter coming, yes it will be here in just under a month!  Winter is an oddly enjoyable time because you get to enjoy winter sports, bundle up, play in the snow, and have lazy days with steak and red wine! ... Continue Reading →

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