4 Days In U.S.V.I – Our Girl Trip

Now that my daughters are older, I wanted to plan a trip for just us, a getaway that combined the things that all of us enjoy. I settled after some research on the US Virgin Islands- St. Thomas and St. John to be specific. As I have noted in previous posts, we travel when others... Continue Reading →

WOW Summit- I am in!

I began my blogger journey about a year ago. Along the way as I was connecting with those like me or those in the space, I happened on a social and sampling site called Moms Meet. After perusing their site for some time, I decided to sign up. I found an amazing forum for moms... Continue Reading →

Composure- reducing pet anxiety

As you all can see from following my posts, I love Chance, my 10-year-old Puggle, he is truly my fur baby.  In the last few years however, he suffers from heightened anxiety.  He has always had a trouble with thunderstorms, fireworks in the summer, and car travel however, of recent, other events are affecting him.... Continue Reading →

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