6 Things Friends Need To Know When One Has Kids

As you have read from me before, I had my daughters at a younger age.  Others my same age were partying, traveling, and continuing education while I was tending to my daughters.  This was my choice and I would not trade it for the world, especially now that I am in my early forties and... Continue Reading →

10 Tidbits To Getting To Know Julie

The best part of my blogging journey has been the ability to share my thoughts, have a creative outlet, and be a part of an incredibly supportive community.  I happened to be nominated for this award, for newer bloggers, as a way to discover new blogs and provide support to newbies.  This time around I... Continue Reading →

Respectfully Disagreeing

Respectfully disagreeing is an art. As a child, my parents taught me to listen  and allow people to explain themselves before making a judgment call.  In these lessons, I also learned that I will not always agree with someone's side or an opposing argument and that is ok.  We actively practice this in discussions to... Continue Reading →

Arctic Zero, Frozen Dessert

I am all about finding things that taste good and don't make me feel so guilty when I am trying to satisfy my sweet cravings!  Before trying Arctic Zero myself I heard and read mixed reviews but I am glad I tried it for myself, I really enjoy  this frozen desert.  I purchased the peanut... Continue Reading →

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